BirthdayJuly 14, 1902
BirthplaceJersey City, USA

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  1. About Paul Guilfoyle

    Full name: Paul Guilfoyle
    Also known as: Paul Guilfoyle, Guilfoyle, Paul
    Professions: Actor, Director, Miscellaneous Crew
    Residence: New York City, New York, U.S.
    Occupation: Actor

  2. Paul Guilfoyle Known for

    The Grapes of Wrath (1940), Science Fiction Theatre (1955), Mighty Joe Young (1949), Apache (1954)

  3. Paul Guilfoyle Biography

    American character actor. Upon his entry into films in 1930, he was typecast as a weakling or criminal type. He received great acclaim for his role as Garth Esdras, the haunted and hunted accessory to murder in Winterset (1936). Memorable as the weaselly convict who tries to kill James Cagney at Steve Cochran's behest, but gets his just deserts in...

  4. Paul Guilfoyle Family

    Spouse: Lisa Giobbi

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