BirthdayOctober 26, 1903
BirthplaceBerlin, Germany

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  1. About Paul Falkenberg

    Full name: Paul Falkenberg
    Also known as: Paul Falkenberg, Falkenberg, Paul
    Professions: Editor, Assistant Director, Director

  2. Paul Falkenberg Known for

    M (1931), Modesta (1956), Hideout in the Sun (1960), Die Koffer des Herrn O.F. (1931)

  3. Paul Falkenberg Death information

    Died: Thursday, 1st of January, 1925 (Age: 21)

  4. Paul Falkenberg Biography

    Paul Falkenberg (German: Paul Falkenberg; 1848–1925) was a German botanist. He was a professor of botany and Director of Botanical Garden Rostock. He was known for his works in anatomy and morphology of plants (“Vergleichende Untersuchungen der Vegetationsorgane der Monocotyledonen”, Stuttgart, 1876), and on the algae. Falkenberg dedicated much on the study to the most extensive and most difficult group red algae Rhodomelaceae (“Rhodomelaceae” in Engler und Prantl's Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien, Leipzig., 1897).

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