BirthdayMay 19, 1947

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  1. About Paul Brady

    Full name: Paul Brady
    Also known as: Paul Brady, Brady, Paul
    Professions: Music Department, Composer, Soundtrack
    Occupation: Musician, songwriter, record producer

  2. Paul Brady Known for

    Faith in the Future (1995), Trapped (2008), An Evening in Dublin with Mary Chapin Carpenter & Paul Brady (1996), The Making of Anton AKA Trapped (2009)

  3. Paul Brady Biography

    Paul Joseph Brady (born 19 May 1947) is an Irish singer-songwriter, whose work straddles folk and pop. He was interested in a wide variety of music from an early age. He initially collaborated with several major bands, prior to launching a successful solo career.Initially popular for playing traditional Irish music in a duo with Andy Irvine and later with Tommy Peoples and Matt Molloy, he later turned to a more rock-inspired electric style with poignant political lyrics. Some of his most popular songs are: "Crazy Dreams", "Nothing but the Same Old Story", "The Island", "Night Hunting", "Steel Claw", and "Paradise is Here".

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