BirthdayApril 4, 1975

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  1. About Pamela Ribon

    Full name: Pamela Ribon
    Also known as: Pamela Ribon, Ribon, Pamela
    Professions: Author, Screenwriter, TV Writer, Actress

  2. Pamela Ribon Known for

    Samantha Who? (2007), Bears (2014), Mind of Mencia (2005), Get Smurfy (2017)

  3. Pamela Ribon Biography

    Pamela Ribon (born April 4 in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania) is a best-selling American author, television writer, screenwriter and actress.Also known as Pamie, Pop Culture Princess, Awesome Pam, and Wonder Killer, she runs the website Was a recapper for Television Without Pity. She is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary under "muffin top."

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