BirthdayFebruary 18, 1934

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  1. About Paco Rabanne

    Full name: Paco Rabanne
    Also known as: Paco Rabanne, Rabanne, Paco
    Professions: Costume Designer, Costume Department, Actor
    Residence: France
    Nationality: Spanish
    Occupation: Fashion designer

  2. Paco Rabanne Known for

    Barbarella (1968), Les poneyttes (1967), Two for the Road (1967), The Last Adventure (1967)

  3. Paco Rabanne Biography

    Francisco "Paco" Rabaneda Cuervo, more commonly known as Paco Rabanne (born 18 February 1934) is a Spanish fashion designer who became known as l'enfant terrible of the 1960s French fashion world.

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