BirthdayMay 8, 1974
BirthplaceBelgrade, Serbia

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  1. About Pablo Ferro Zivanovic

    Full name: Pablo Ferro Zivanovic
    Professions: Cinematographer, Camera Department, Assistant Director

  2. Pablo Ferro Zivanovic Known for

    Dok su oni leteli na Mesec (2015), Anplagd (2013), Village Without Women (2010), The Healing (2014)

  3. Pablo Ferro Zivanovic Biography

    Born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is the son of Cinematographer Juan Carlos Ferro and Director Tanja Ferro. His grandfather was Yugaslavian film director Jovan Zivanovic. He lives in Vracar, Belgrade (2 years he lived in Madrid, Spain, where he was going in high school) He studied Faculty of Dramatic Art (FDU) in Belgrade (Cinematography department). ...

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