BirthdayDecember 18, 1891
BirthplaceLeeds, UK

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  1. About Owney Madden

    Full name: Owney Madden
    Also known as: Owney Madden, Madden, Owney, Owney "The Killer" Madden
    Professions: Mobster
    Work: Louis Quincy Morse: Gangland Connection ?

  2. Owney Madden Death information

    Died: Saturday, 24th of April, 1965 (Age: 73)

  3. Owney Madden Biography

    Gangster Owney Madden was born to an Irish family in Leeds, England, in 1892 (his parents were dockworkers there), and they emigrated to the US in 1903. Growing up in the tough New York ghetto called Hell's Kitchen, the young Madden joined a group of local thugs called the Gopher Gang. He became known as a fierce and relentless fighter, quick to ...

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