BirthdayApril 4, 1905
BirthplaceCentralia, USA

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  1. About Oliver Blake

    Full name: Oliver Blake
    Also known as: Oliver Blake, Blake, Oliver
    Professions: Canadian politician
    Occupation: Clerk

  2. Oliver Blake Known for

    The Long, Long Trailer (1953), Julius Caesar (1953), Giant from the Unknown (1958), Feudin' Fools (1952)

  3. Oliver Blake Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 10th of December, 1873 (Age: 31)

  4. Oliver Blake Biography

    Oliver Blake (October 1, 1802 – December 10, 1873) was an Ontario businessman and political figure. He was a Liberal member of the Senate of Canada from 1867 to 1873.He was born in New Hampton, New Hampshire, United States in 1802 and came to Upper Canada while young. As a young man he sold fanning mills. Later, he was a director of the Beaver Mutual Fire Insurance Company. He was appointed court clerk in 1841; Deputy Reeve of Townsend Township in Norfolk County, Councillor of Townsend Township in 1853, and served as Reeve of Townsend Township in 1852, 1854 - 1857. Blake was elected to the Legislative Council of the Province of Canada for Thames division in 1862 and was named to the Senate after Confederation.

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