BirthdayDecember 26, 1967

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  1. About Olavo Bilac

    Full name: Olavo Bilac
    Also known as: Olavo Bilac, Bilac, Olavo
    Education: Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
    Professions: Brazilian poet, journalist and translator
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Work: Brazilian Academy of Letters – Occupant of the 15th chair

  2. Olavo Bilac Death information

    Died: Saturday, 28th of December, 1918 (Age: 48)

  3. Olavo Bilac Biography

    Olavo Brás Martins dos Guimarães Bilac (December 16, 1865 – December 28, 1918) was a Brazilian Parnassian poet, journalist and translator. Alongside Alberto de Oliveira and Raimundo Correia, he was a member of the "Parnassian Triad". Elected the "Prince of Brazilian Poets" in 1907 by the magazine Fon-Fon, he is famous for writing the lyrics of the Brazilian Flag Anthem.He founded and occupied the 15th chair of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, from 1897 until his death in 1918. He is also the patron of the military service in Brazil, due to his campaigns in favor of the conscription.

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