BirthdayDecember 0, 1941

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  1. About Nurit Zarchi

    Full name: Nurit Zarchi
    Also known as: Nurit Zarchi, Zarchi, Nurit
    Professions: Israeli writer

  2. Nurit Zarchi Biography

    Nurit Zarchi (Hebrew: ????? ????) (born Jerusalem, October 19, 1941; 28 Tishri 5702 AM) is an Israeli poetisa and autora for adults and children.Her father was the author Israel Zarchi. He died when she was six, leaving her an orphan. She was raised at Kibbutz Geva as a guest. Later she went to Ein Harod, where she completed her secondary schooling. After her military service, she completed studies in psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She earned bachelor's degrees in literature and philosophy at Tel Aviv University.Zarchi has published many poems in children's newspapers. She has been a journalist for Yedioth Ahronoth. She has published more than one hundred books of children's literature, poetry, prose, and research.

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