BirthdayDecember 0, 1947
BirthplaceBrazzaville, Congo

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  1. About Numa Sadoul

    Full name: Numa Sadoul
    Also known as: Numa Sadoul, Sadoul, Numa
    Professions: Writer

  2. Numa Sadoul Biography

    Numa Sadoul (born 1947, Brazzaville, French Equatorial Africa (now Republic of Congo)) is a French writer, actor, and director, who has been a resident of France since 1966.As a student, Sadoul interviewed and befriended the famous Belgian comic artist Hergé, famous for his Adventures of Tintin—an unexpected coup, as Hergé gave few interviews. The interviews were recorded on 14 hours of tape, and, after heavy editing by Hergé, released as a book: Tintin et moi / entretiens avec Hergé (Tintin and I: Interviews with Hergé), in 1975. In 2003, the book was used as a basis for a documentary film Tintin and I, directed by Anders Østergaard.Sadoul has also published interviews with other leading comic book artists, such as André Franquin (Et Franquin créa la gaffe, 1986), Moebius (Entretiens avec Moebius, 1991), Jacques Tardi (Tardi, 2000), Philippe Vuillemin (Vuillemin, 2000), and Uderzo (2000), as well as books on Gotlib (Gotlib, 1974) and Moebius (Mister Moebius et Docteur Gir, 1976).

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