BirthdayNovember 6, 1904
BirthplaceMichigan, USA

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  1. About Norval Mitchell

    Full name: Norval Mitchell
    Also known as: Norval Mitchell, Mitchell, Norval
    Professions: Indian civil servant

  2. Norval Mitchell Known for

    Chained for Life (1952), Government Agents vs Phantom Legion (1951), Delinquent Daughters (1944), Rogues Gallery (1944)

  3. Norval Mitchell Biography

    Norval Mitchell, OBE, served in India from 1930 to 1947, initially with the Indian Civil Service and transferring to the Indian Political Service in 1934. His final position was Chief Secretary of the North-West Frontier Province under the Governor, Sir Olaf Caroe. His later career included Clerk to the Legislative Council of Northern Rhodesia and Secretary and Registrar of the University of St Andrews.In 1968 he completed a biography of Sir George Cunningham, Governor of the Northwest Frontier Province of India 1937-46 and again 1947-48, which was published by William Blackwood, Edinburgh. In 1975 he completed an autobiography covering his early life and his service in India. This was edited and published posthumously in 2006 by his son, David Norval Mitchell, under the title The Quiet People of India.

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