BirthdayNovember 1, 1902
BirthplaceBergen, Norway

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  1. About Nordahl Grieg

    Full name: Nordahl Grieg
    Also known as: Nordahl Grieg, Grieg, Nordahl
    Professions: Norwegian writer
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Occupation: Playwright, poet, novelist, journalist, soldier

  2. Nordahl Grieg Death information

    Died: Thursday, 2nd of December, 1943 (Age: 41)

  3. Nordahl Grieg Biography

    Johan Nordahl Brun Grieg, known as Nordahl Grieg, (1 November 1902 in Bergen – 2 December 1943 in Kleinmachnow near Berlin) was a Norwegian poet, novelist, dramatist, journalist and political activist. He was a popular poet and a controversial public figure in his lifetime. A long time member of the Norwegian Communist Party who served as chair of the political organization Friends of the Soviet Union (1935–1940), he was described by detractors as a stalinist,. He was the brother of publisher Harald Grieg.

  4. Nordahl Grieg Family

    Spouse: Gerd Egede-Nissen

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