BirthdayMay 17, 1943
BirthplaceKiev, USSR

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  1. About Nikolai Kudryavtsev

    Full name: Nikolai Kudryavtsev
    Also known as: Nikolai Kudryavtsev, Kudryavtsev, Nikolai
    Professions: Russian geologist

  2. Nikolai Kudryavtsev Death information

    Died: Sunday, 12th of December, 1971 (Age: 28)

  3. Nikolai Kudryavtsev Biography

    Nikolai Alexandrovich Kudryavtsev Russian: ??????? ????????????? ????????? (Opochka, October 21, 1893 - Leningrad, December 12, 1971) was a Soviet Russian petroleum geologist. He is the founding father of modern abiogenic theory for origin of petroleum, which states that petroleum is formed from non-biological sources of hydrocarbons located deep in the Earth's crust and mantle.He graduated from Leningrad Mining Institute in 1922, obtained a Dr.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy in 1936, and become professor in 1941. Kudryavtsev started his geological career in 1920 at the USSR Geological Committee. In 1929-1971 he worked for All-Union Geological Research Institute (VNIGRI). He suffered from political repressions during Joseph Stalin's regime for his unorthodox thinking, spending several years in Gulag camps in the Transpolar European Russia as an "enemy of the people". After that, he was prohibited from living or staying in central cities of USSR. His only son died defending the Brest Fortress in the beginning of Nazi aggression against USSR.Kudryavtsev conducted regional geological studies that resulted in discoveries of commercial oil and gas in the Grozny district (Chechnya Autonomy), Central Asia, Timan-Pechora, and other regions of the Soviet Union. He led reconnaissance exploration research in Georgia, and compiled the program of key exploration wells in the West Siberia in 1947 that paved the way to the new era of oil and gas production in Russia that started with first gas gusher near Berezovo in 1953.

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