BirthdayNovember 1, 1941

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  1. About Nigel Dempster

    Full name: Nigel Dempster
    Also known as: Nigel Dempster, Dempster, Nigel
    Professions: British writer

  2. Nigel Dempster Death information

    Died: Thursday, 12th of July, 2007 (Age: 65)

  3. Nigel Dempster Biography

    Nigel Richard Patton Dempster (1 November 1941 in Calcutta, India – 12 July 2007 in Ham, Surrey) was a British journalist, author, broadcaster and diarist. Best known for his celebrity gossip columns in newspapers, his work appeared in the Daily Express and Daily Mail and also in Private Eye magazine. At his death, the editor of the Daily Mail Paul Dacre was reported as saying: "His scoops were the stuff of legend and his zest for life inexhaustible".

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