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  1. About Nicholas Papademetriou

    Full name: Nicholas Papademetriou
    Also known as: Nicholas Papademetriou, Papademetriou, Nicholas
    Professions: Australian actor
    Occupation: Actor and Director

  2. Nicholas Papademetriou Known for

    Mission: Impossible II (2000), Death in Brunswick (1990), Stringer (1988), Past Midnight (2009)

  3. Nicholas Papademetriou Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesNicholas Papademetriou is an Australian-born actor of Greek descent actor with many television, film and theatre credits. He is a graduate of Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He has had an extensive career in film and television since he graduated in 1984, but is best known as a stage actor, having appeared in productions in Australia, London, New York and Edinburgh.

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