BirthdayMay 24, 1981
BirthplaceSan Diego, USA

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  1. About Nic Hill

    Full name: Nic Hill
    Also known as: Nic Hill, Hill, Nic
    Education: University of San Francisco
    Professions: Editor, Producer, Director

  2. Nic Hill Known for

    The Violent Kind (2010), The Thompsons (2012), Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia (2010), Piece by Piece (2005)

  3. Nic Hill Biography

    Nic Hill was born in San Digeo where he worked on several low budget horror films with his friend's mothers high 8 camera. Later he developed a love for filmmaking in San Francisco at USF. After a few student short films, with the help of his friends at Underdog Pictures, he directed Piece By Piece, a controversial documentary film about the ...

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