BirthdayJuly 24, 1964
BirthplaceGent, Belgium

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  1. About Nic Balthazar

    Full name: Nic Balthazar
    Also known as: Nic Balthazar, Balthazar, Nic
    Professions: broadcast personality, film director
    Occupation: Film director, television and radio presenter

  2. Nic Balthazar Known for

    Ben X (2007), Time of My Life (2012), The Big Ask (2008), The Big Ask Again: Dance for the Climate (2009)

  3. Nic Balthazar Biography

    Nic Balthazar (born 24 July 1964 in Ghent) is a Belgian film director and a TV/radio personality (presenter, reporter, producer).His first movie, Ben X, came out in 2007 and has received critical acclaim. The next feature film which Balthazar directed, Tot Altijd, was released in January 2012.In Flanders he is well known as a movie critic and television presenter. To some extent he is also known as a positive vegetarian activist.

  4. Nic Balthazar Family

    Spouse: Lieve Blancquaert

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