BirthdayDecember 29, 1902
BirthplaceMontreal, Canada

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  1. About Nels Stewart

    Full name: Nels Stewart
    Also known as: Nels Stewart, Stewart, Nels
    Professions: Canadian ice hockey player
    Work: Winner of the Hart Memorial Trophy

  2. Nels Stewart Measurements

    Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
    Weight: 90.72

  3. Nels Stewart Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 21st of August, 1957 (Age: 54)

  4. Nels Stewart Biography

    Robert Nelson "Old Poison" Stewart (December 29, 1902 – August 21, 1957) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played for the Montreal Maroons, New York Americans and Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League. He is an Honoured Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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