BirthdayJuly 1, 1963

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  1. About Naser Khader

    Full name: Naser Khader
    Also known as: Naser Khader, Khader, Naser
    Professions: Danish politician

  2. Naser Khader Biography

    Naser Khader (Arabic: ناصر خضر‎) (born July 1, 1963) is Danish-Syrian and a former member of the Parliament of Denmark for the Conservative Party. As a member of Parliament, he has represented both Social Liberal Party and Liberal Alliance, the latter as founding leader, until January 5, 2009. A leading proponent of peaceful co-existence of democracy and Islam, he established a new movement, Moderate Muslims (later renamed Democratic Muslims), when the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy began.In the national elections on 13 November 2007, Naser Khader's Liberal Alliance party won five parliamentary seats. After a crumbling of the party and its membership base, Naser Khader left the party. Following a short period as an Independent Member of the Danish Parliament, Naser Khader joined the Conservative People's Party 17, March 2009. Khader lost his mandate in the 2011 Danish parliamentary election.Khader co-founded an association of Islamism critics in 2008, with the aim to promote freedom of speech and inspire moderate Muslims worldwide. Khader and the Conservative Party advocate a complete ban on the burqa as part of an integration initiative by the Conservatives' parliamentary group, describing it as "un-Danish" and "oppression against women".

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