BirthdayMarch 6, 1965

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  1. About Narrelle Harris

    Full name: Narrelle Harris
    Also known as: Narrelle Harris, Harris, Narrelle
    Professions: Australian writer

  2. Narrelle Harris Biography

    Narrelle Harris (also credited as Narrelle M Harris) is a Melbourne-based writer. She is the author of "Fly By Night" (2004, Homosapien Books), "Witch Honour" (2006, Five Star Speculative Fiction) and its sequel, "Witch Faith" (2007, Five Star Speculative Fiction), probably her highest-profile work to date is "The Opposite Of Life" (2007, Pulp Fiction Press). She wrote the award winning short play "Stalemate" in 2003. In 2006 she appeared alongside Scott Brennan in the short film "Outland" as "Ginny".Her work is an eclectic mix of genres: "Fly By Night" features two novellas about a gay musical duo who solve crimes, while the "Witch Honour" series consists of fantasy novels with a science fiction edge. "The Opposite Of Life" is a contemporary vampire novel set in Melbourne, told from the point of view of a young librarian, and is the first of a three-book deal with Queensland's Pulp Fiction Press. She has discussed online and on radio about how the second book in the series - tentatively titled "Walking Shadows" - was completed but was considered unsuitable, forcing her to start writing it again from scratch. It is also expected there will be a third book to complete a "Witch Honor" trilogy.Narrelle's earliest writing was through science fiction fandom, including work based in the Star Trek, Blake's 7 and V universes. Fanzines which she wrote and/or edited include Phoenix (B7), Scenario (The Greatest American Hero), Out of the War Zone (V), and Inconsequential Parallax (genzine), which was nominated for a Ditmar Award in 1992.She has also written film and theatre reviews, the latter as a reviewer and feature writer for the now defunct online theatre magazine, Stage Left. This site is now preserved in the Pandora archives.Recently, Narrelle was a guest on episode 167 of the Boxcutters podcast, talking about television vampires. She is currently the resident literary "expert" on the weekly radio show "The Outland Institute" on Joy 94.9.

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