BirthdayJuly 20, 1981

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  1. About Nanda Ziegler

    Full name: Nanda Ziegler
    Professions: Actress

  2. Nanda Ziegler Known for

    Caminhos do Coração (2007), Vidas Opostas (2006), Rebelde (2011), Os Mutantes (2008)

  3. Nanda Ziegler Biography

    Nanda was born in Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Her exposure to the world of acting came at a very early age. Fell in love with the art of interpretation when presented plays in school. As a teenager began seriously pursuing roles in television and films. Nanda Ziegler continues to build upon a versatile career in film, television and on stage. Nanda is the...

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