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  1. About Mouloud Mammeri

    Full name: Mouloud Mammeri
    Also known as: Mouloud Mammeri, Mammeri, Mouloud
    Professions: Amazigh linguist, writer
    Occupation: Writer, Berber Linguist, activist

  2. Mouloud Mammeri Death information

    Died: Sunday, 1st of January, 1989 (Age: 71)

  3. Mouloud Mammeri Biography

    Mouloud Mammeri is an Amazigh writer, poet, anthropologist and linguist. Born on December 28, 1917 in Taourirt Mimoune Ait Yenni in Tizi Ouzou Province, Algeria; died in February 1989 near Aïn Defla in a car accident while returning from a conference in Oujda, Morocco.

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