BirthdayDecember 0, 1923
BirthplaceTehran, Iran

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  1. About Mostafa Oskooyi

    Full name: Mostafa Oskooyi
    Also known as: Mostafa Oskooyi, Oskooyi, Mostafa, مصطفی اسکویی
    Professions: Iranian theatre director

  2. Mostafa Oskooyi Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 18th of October, 2005 (Age: 82)

  3. Mostafa Oskooyi Biography

    Mostafa Oskooyi (February 21, 1924, Tehran, Iran) (Persian: ????? ???????) was the first professional actor `director `arts critic and veteran activist of Iranian theatre who qualified as an actor in Tehran. At the Moscow state Institute of Performing Arts `M . Oskoui specialized in direction (1955) and art criticism (1990). While studying ` he had already embarked on his practical stage work which covers a period of 50 years. During the 1940s, Oskooyi rose to become well known and the leading actor in the progressive theatrical movement setting the pace for Iranian theatre under the leadership of Noushin in the Tehran ` Farhang and Ferdousi theatres. His major contributions in numerous productions came with his return Europe in 1958 at a time when Iranian theatre had become degenerate and was on the decline. Using to great advantage has vast practical stage experience and knowledge of years Oskooyi adopted a method in developing his actors and stimulating their growth into the new generation of Iranian Theatre . The fruition was a metamorphic and fundamental change in all facets of theatre, culture, and the successful performance of work by the great classical and modern playwrights. The first five years of this work (1959-1964 ) led to a change in the standing of art in the society leading to the formation of the Iranian Ministry of Art and culture. Through involvement in various art syndicates and the struggle for the formation of the Society of theatre Artists and other cultural centres `he endeavoured to bring a unity to the theatre. Therefore after the Revolution of 1979 M.Oskoui was elected to the presidency of the National Centre for Iranian Theatre in further recognition of his work and was re-elected to the same office for each of the three successive two year terms. This latest offering comes in Oskoui's fiftieth year of creativity and is the fruit of effort and research during the last few years and is intended to portray a linear history of theatre in Iran from ancient times to the present. In addition to this `he has penned theoretical works` thesis and articles . Professor M.Oskui using the Free and open atmosphere in Iran at 1997 has stabilized the open research and play Academia. He also formed a team of persons that they helped him to compilation the initiate book text for study in playing arts. It is to be said that `the book is prolongation of Stanis Lovoski system. Dr. Mostafa Oskui `actor `manager `professor` art critic ` worker` President of the “Anahita” open Play science Academi `

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