BirthdayDecember 10, 1974
BirthplaceNewark, USA

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  1. About Monique Dupree

    Full name: Monique Dupree
    Also known as: Monique Dupree, Dupree, Monique
    Professions: Actress, Producer, Director

  2. Monique Dupree Measurements

    Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)

  3. Monique Dupree Known for

    The Horror Vault 3 (2010), The Good Parts (2010), Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales (2015), Step Up 3D (2010)

  4. Monique Dupree Biography

    Newark, New Jersey native, Monique Dupree, also known by the title Tha Original Gata and in some circles is referred to affectionately as The First Black Scream Queen. She has done independent horror films, fetish, comic-book, catalog and/or alternative modeling, local and national reality television and an occasional cross-over into mainstream ...

  5. Monique Dupree Family

    Spouse: Anthony Saint Thomas

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