BirthdayDecember 28, 1979

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  1. About Mohamed Khan

    Full name: Mohamed Khan
    Also known as: Mohamed Khan, Khan, Mohamed Hamed Hassan, Mohamed Hamed Hassan Khan
    Professions: Miscellaneous Crew, Actor, Art Director

  2. Mohamed Khan Measurements

    Height: 6' (1.83 m)

  3. Mohamed Khan Known for

    I Am Legend (2007), The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), Righteous Kill (2008), 15 Minutes (2001)

  4. Mohamed Khan Biography

    Mohamed Hamed Hassan Khan (Arabic: ???? ???? ??? ???? pronounced [mæ??æmmæd ??æ?med ??æsæn xæ?n]) (born 26 October 1942) is an Egyptian-Pakistani film director, screenwriter and actor. He is a well-known member of the "1980s generation" in Egyptian cinema, along with directors such as Khairy Beshara, Daoud Abdel Sayed, Atef El-Tayeb, and Yousry Nasrallah. His main aesthetic credo, in line with directors from his generation, is a reinvigorated realism seeking direct documentation of everyday life in Cairo, beyond the walls of the studio.

  5. Mohamed Khan Family

    Spouse: Wessam Soliman

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