BirthdayDecember 0, 1973

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  1. About Miranda Krestovnikoff

    Full name: Miranda Krestovnikoff
    Also known as: Miranda Krestovnikoff, Krestovnikoff, Miranda
    Professions: Television presenter
    Occupation: Television presenter, natural historian, archaeologist

  2. Miranda Krestovnikoff Known for

    Coast (2005), The One Show (2006), Wreck Detectives (2003), BBC Proms (2009)

  3. Miranda Krestovnikoff Biography

    Miranda Jane Krestovnikoff (born Harper-Jones 29 January 1973) is a British radio and television presenter specialising in natural history and archaeological programmes. She is also an accomplished musician, as well as a qualified scuba diver (which has led to co-presenting opportunities in programmes with an underwater element).

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