BirthdayJanuary 25, 1894

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  1. About Mikheil Chiaureli

    Full name: Mikheil Chiaureli
    Also known as: Mikheil Chiaureli, Chiaureli, Mikheil
    Professions: Director, Writer, Actor

  2. Mikheil Chiaureli Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 1st of January, 1974 (Age: 79)

  3. Mikheil Chiaureli Biography

    Mikhail Edisherovich Chiaureli (Micheil Chiaureli) was born on February 6, 1894, in Tiflis, Russian Empire (now Tbilisi, Georgia). In 1916 he graduated from the School of Painting and Sculpture in Tbilisi. Young Chiaureli made his acting debut on stage as an amateur in 1910. In 1914 he married actress Veriko Anjaparidze, they had two sons and a ...

  4. Mikheil Chiaureli Family

    Spouse: Veriko Anjaparidze

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