BirthdayMarch 14, 1963
BirthplaceVenice, USA

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  1. About Mike Muir

    Full name: Mike Muir
    Also known as: Mike Muir, Michael Muir, Muir, Michael
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actor
    Occupation: Musician, songwriter, producer

  2. Mike Muir Known for

    Iron Man (2008), Encino Man (1992), Young Adult (2011), Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

  3. Mike Muir Biography

    Mike Muir (born March 14, 1963) is the lead vocalist of the Venice hardcore punk bands Suicidal Tendencies, Los Cycos and the funk metal band Infectious Grooves. He has also released several solo albums under his nickname Cyco Miko. Muir's trademark is wearing bandanas, jerseys with the number 13, and hats with block style letters that read "Suicidal".

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