BirthdayJanuary 9, 1944

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  1. About Mihalis Violaris

    Full name: Mihalis Violaris
    Also known as: Mihalis Violaris, Μιχάλης Βιολάρης, Violaris, Mihalis
    Professions: Actor, Soundtrack

  2. Mihalis Violaris Biography

    Michalis Kyriakou, known by his stage-name Michalis Violaris (Greek: ??????? ????????) (born 9 January 1944 Agia Varvara, Nicosia Cyprus), is a popular singer and composer of modern Greek and Cypriot music.He is also a pioneer responsible for popularising in Greece Cypriot songs sung in the Cypriot dialect. His song Ta Ryalia (also Ta Rialia) sung in Cypriot Greek became a hit in the top-10 of Greece in 1973.

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