BirthdayJune 30, 0
BirthplaceChicago, USA

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  1. About Micki Grant

    Full name: Micki Grant
    Also known as: Micki Grant, Grant, Micki
    Professions: American actor

  2. Micki Grant Biography

    Micki Grant (born June 30, 1941) is an American singer (soprano) actress, writer and composer. She performed in Having Our Say (as Sadie Delaney), Tambourines to Glory and Jericho-Jim Crow, The Gingham Dog, Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope and has received three Tony Award nominations for her writing. In the early 1960s, she appeared off-Broadway in Jean Genet's "The Blacks" (with James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson), and in "Brecht on Brecht", in which she sang (among other things) "Pirate Jenny". In 1964, Grant appeared as 'Ella Hammer' in the Howard da Silva's off-Broadway revival of Marc Blitzstein's The Cradle Will Rock, opposite Jerry Orbach and Rita Gardner. In 1965, Micki Grant became one of the first African-American cast members of a daytime soap opera (preceded by Rex Ingram on The Brighter Day, when she played the role of Peggy Harris Nolan on NBC's Another World.Much of her early work was done with director Vinnette Carroll, the first African-American woman to direct on Broadway. They collaborated on Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope and Your Arms Too Short to Box With God, both enjoying critical acclaim and long Broadway runs.

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