BirthdayMay 26, 1920

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  1. About Michael Westmore

    Full name: Michael Westmore
    Also known as: Michael Westmore, Westmore, Michael, Michael G. Westmore I, Michael G. Westmore
    Education: University of California-Santa Barbara
    Professions: Producer, Writer, Director

  2. Michael Westmore Known for

    Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise

  3. Michael Westmore Biography

    Michael George Westmore I (born March 22, 1938) is an American make-up artist best known for his work in various Star Trek productions, winning nine Emmy Awards, and is a member of the Westmore family. He won the Academy Award for Make-up in 1985 for his work on the film Mask. His career began at Universal Studios in 1961, and spanned four decades, including working for the CIA creating make-up kits for spies overseas.

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