BirthdayJune 1, 1960
BirthplaceLusk, USA

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  1. About Michael E. Burgess

    Full name: Michael E. Burgess
    Also known as: Michael E. Burgess, Burgess, Michael E.
    Professions: American actor

  2. Michael E. Burgess Measurements

    Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

  3. Michael E. Burgess Known for

    Michel et Odette (2007), Rent (2005), Love Sucks (2005), The Dead Pool (1988)

  4. Michael E. Burgess Biography

    Maybe it's the sensibilities and work ethic ingrained into kids from Nebraska or maybe it's a matter of keeping a clear focus as an adult. Whichever is the case, Michael E. Burgess has worked long and hard to hone his acting and writing skills, even during the times when he was working at other professions full-time (including the U.S. Navy and a ...

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