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  1. About Michael Colvin

    Full name: Michael Colvin
    Also known as: Michael Colvin, Colvin, Michael
    Education: Royal Agricultural College
    Professions: British politician
    Work: Member of Parliament for Romsey and Waterside

  2. Michael Colvin Death information

    Died: Thursday, 24th of February, 2000 (Age: 10)

  3. Michael Colvin Biography

    Michael Keith Beale Colvin (27 September 1932 – 24 February 2000) was a politician in the United Kingdom. He was first elected as a Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Bristol North West in 1979. From 1983 onwards he was the MP for Romsey and Waterside constituency in Hampshire, which later became the constituency of Romsey.In 1989 he sponsored a Private Member's Bill which became the Computer Misuse Act 1990.He held the seat in the 1997 general election, but died along with his wife in a fire at their house, Tangley House, near Andover, three years later The resulting by-election was won by Sandra Gidley of the Liberal Democrats.

  4. Michael Colvin Family

    Spouse: Nichola Cayzer

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