BirthdayNovember 9, 1899
BirthplaceChicago, USA

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  1. About Mezz Mezzrow

    Full name: Mezz Mezzrow
    Also known as: Mezz Mezzrow, Mezzrow, Mezz
    Professions: American jazz clarinetist and saxophonist

  2. Mezz Mezzrow Death information

    Died: Saturday, 5th of August, 1972 (Age: 72)

  3. Mezz Mezzrow Biography

    Milton Mesirow, better known as Mezz Mezzrow (November 9, 1899 – August 5, 1972) was an American jazz clarinetist and saxophonist from Chicago, Illinois. Mezzrow is well known for organizing and financing historic recording sessions with Tommy Ladnier and Sidney Bechet. Mezzrow also recorded a number of times with Bechet and briefly acted as manager for Louis Armstrong. He is equally well remembered, however, for being a colorful character, as clearly portrayed in his autobiography Really The Blues, as for his music. The book, which takes its title from a Bechet musical piece, was co-written by Bernard Wolfe and first published in 1946.

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