BirthdayMay 15, 1890

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  1. About Menasha Skulnik

    Full name: Menasha Skulnik
    Also known as: Menasha Skulnik, Skulnik, Menasha
    Professions: American comedian

  2. Menasha Skulnik Death information

    Died: Thursday, 4th of June, 1970 (Age: 80)

  3. Menasha Skulnik Biography

    Menasha Skulnik (May 15, 1890 – June 4, 1970) was a Jewish American actor, primarily known for his roles in Yiddish theater in New York City. Skulnik was also popular on radio, playing Uncle David on The Goldbergs for 19 years. He made many television and Broadway appearances as well, including successful runs in Clifford Odets's The Flowering Peach and Harold Rome's The Zulu and the Zayda.

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