BirthdayMay 31, 1929

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  1. About Menahem Golan

    Full name: Menahem Golan
    Also known as: Menahem Golan, Golan, Menahem
    Professions: Producer, Writer, Director
    Nationality: Israeli

  2. Menahem Golan Known for

    The Delta Force (1986), Over the Top (1987), Crime and Punishment (2002), Bloodsport (1988)

  3. Menahem Golan Biography

    Menahem Golan (Hebrew: מנחם גולן‎; May 31, 1929 – August 8, 2014) was an Israeli director and producer. He produced movies for such stars as Sean Connery, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Charles Bronson, and was known for a period as a producer of comic book-style movies like Masters of the Universe, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Captain America, and his aborted attempt to bring Spider-Man to the silver screen. Using the pen name of Joseph Goldman, Golan also wrote and "polished" film scripts. He was co-owner of Golan-Globus with his cousin Yoram Globus. Golan produced about 200 films, directed 44, won 8 times the Violin David Awards and The Israel Prize in Cinema.

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