BirthdayOctober 24, 1903
BirthplaceTimmonsville, USA

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  1. About Melvin Purvis

    Full name: Melvin Purvis
    Also known as: Melvin Purvis, Purvis, Melvin
    Professions: FBI Agent

  2. Melvin Purvis Known for

    Leading the investigation on the John Dillinger case

  3. Melvin Purvis Death information

    Died: Monday, 29th of February, 1960 (Age: 56)
    Death cause: Self-inflicted gunshot

  4. Melvin Purvis Biography

    Melvin Horace Purvis, Jr. (October 24, 1903 – February 29, 1960) was an American law enforcement official and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent. He was given the nickname "Little Mel" because of his short stature. He is noted for leading the manhunts that tracked such outlaws as Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and John Dillinger.

  5. Melvin Purvis Family

    Spouse: Marie Rosanne Willcox Purvis
    Childrens: Christopher Peronneau Purvis, Melvin Horace Purvis III
    Parents: Janie Elizabeth Mims, Melvin Horace Purvis, Sr.

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