BirthdayJuly 25, 1867
BirthplaceWürzburg, Germany

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  1. About Max Dauthendey

    Full name: Max Dauthendey
    Also known as: Max Dauthendey, Dauthendey, Max
    Professions: German artist

  2. Max Dauthendey Death information

    Died: Thursday, 29th of August, 1918 (Age: 51)

  3. Max Dauthendey Biography

    Max Dauthendey (July 25, 1867 – August 29, 1918) was a German author and painter of the impressionistic period. He was born in Würzburg and died in Malang.Together with Richard Dehmel and Eduard von Keyserling he is regarded as one of the most influential authors of that period.

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