BirthdayJuly 17, 1883
BirthplaceHelsinki, Finland

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  1. About Mauritz Stiller

    Full name: Mauritz Stiller
    Also known as: Mauritz Stiller, Stiller, Mauritz
    Professions: director, screenwriter, actor
    Occupation: Director, screenwriter, actor

  2. Mauritz Stiller Known for

    Gösta Berlings saga (1924), Herr Arnes pengar (1919), Erotikon (1920), Johan (1921)

  3. Mauritz Stiller Death information

    Died: Sunday, 18th of November, 1928 (Age: 45)

  4. Mauritz Stiller Biography

    Mauritz Stiller (17 July 1883 – 18 November 1928) was a Finnish-Swedish film director, best known for discovering Greta Garbo and bringing her to America.Stiller had been a pioneer of the Swedish film industry, writing and directing many short films from 1912. When MGM invited him to Hollywood as a director, he arrived with his new discovery Greta Gustafsson, whose screen name Greta Garbo is believed to have been his suggestion.After frequent disagreements with studio executives at MGM and Paramount, Stiller returned to Sweden, where he died soon afterwards.

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