BirthdayFebruary 8, 1959
BirthplaceTandil, Argentina

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  1. About Mauricio Macri

    Full name: Mauricio Macri
    Also known as: Mauricio Macri, Macri, Mauricio
    Education: Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina
    Professions: Argentine politician
    Work: Chief of Government of Buenos Aires City

  2. Mauricio Macri Biography

    Mauricio Macri (Spanish pronunciation: [mauˈɾisjo ˈmakɾi]; born 8 February 1959) is an Argentine businessman and politician, and Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Son of Francisco Macri, a prominent Italian businessman in the industrial and construction sectors, he represented the City of Buenos Aires in the Lower House of Congress and has held his current office since 10 December 2007.He was considered a potential candidate for the 2011 general elections, but declined to run for the presidency of the country but ran instead for reelection as mayor. He got nearly 47% of the vote in the mayoral election, leading to a runoff vote on 31 July 2011 against candidate Daniel Filmus.

  3. Mauricio Macri Family

    Spouse: Yvonne BordeuIsabel MenditeguyJuliana Awada

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