BirthdayDecember 4, 1937
BirthplaceLapua, Finland

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  1. About Matti Markkanen

    Full name: Matti Markkanen
    Also known as: Matti Markkanen, Markkanen, Matti
    Professions: Miscellaneous Crew, Actor

  2. Matti Markkanen Death information

    Died: Thursday, 2nd of April, 1942 (Age: 4)

  3. Matti Markkanen Biography

    Matti Markkanen (May 14, 1887 – April 2, 1942) was a Finnish gymnast who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics.He was part of the Finnish team, which was able to win the bronze medal in the gymnastics men's team event in 1908.It was rumored he would return to the Olympics to compete, but was unable due to a back injury, and did not qualify.

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