BirthdayJuly 7, 1975
BirthplaceAtlanta, USA

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  1. About Matthew Peterman

    Full name: Matthew Peterman
    Also known as: Matthew Peterman, Peterman, Matthew
    Professions: Producer, Writer

  2. Matthew Peterman Known for

    The Devil Inside (2012), Stay Alive (2006), Wer (2013), The Vatican

  3. Matthew Peterman Biography

    Matthew Peterman is an American screenwriter and film producer.In 2000, along with writing partner William Brent Bell, Peterman wrote screenplay Mercury, which was bought by Universal Studios with Gale Anne Hurd and f/x studio Digital Domain producing. Since then, the duo have set up several film projects at studios including Warner Bros. and Walt Disney as well as television projects at Sony, the WB and ABC.Peterman's most recent project is as co-writer and producer of the horror thriller, Stay Alive and the found footage supernatural horror, The Devil Inside. Stay Alive was acquired and distributed domestically by Buena Vista Pictures and internationally by Universal Pictures.

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