BirthdayDecember 0, 1973
BirthplaceQuito, Ecuador

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  1. About Mateo Herrera

    Full name: Mateo Herrera
    Also known as: Mateo Herrera, Herrera, Mateo
    Professions: Director, Editor, Writer

  2. Mateo Herrera Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesMateo Herrera (born 1973 in Quito, Ecuador) is a filmmaker. Among his works include: My One Time Joy, Jaque, El Comite, Impulso, among others.In 1999 won the best film editing in La Habana Film Festival with Ratas, ratones y rateros by Sebastián CorderoIn 2009 with his film won the award Flechazo, the highest honor of the Toulouse film festival with his film Impulso.Mateo has worked with several prominent Ecuadorian photographers like Francois Laso, Simón Brauer and Daniel Andrade.He was also highlighted as a musician and formed with various bands, always in the field of experimental and underground music.

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