BirthdayAugust 7, 1876

Celebrity biographies

  1. About Mata Hari

    Full name: Mata Hari
    Also known as: Mata Hari
    Professions: Dutch exotic dancer and spy

  2. Mata Hari Measurements

    Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

  3. Mata Hari Known for

    Receiving a conviction for pro-German espionage from French military courts in World War I

  4. Mata Hari Death information

    Died: Monday, 15th of October, 1917 (Age: 41)

  5. Mata Hari Biography

    Margaretha Geertruida "Margreet" Zelle MacLeod (7 August 1876 – 15 October 1917), better known by the stage name Mata Hari, was a member of the Frisian minority from the Netherlands, and was an exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War I.

  6. Mata Hari Family

    Spouse: Rudolf John MacLeod
    Childrens: Jeanne-Louise MacLeod, Norman-John MacLeod
    Parents: Antje van der Meulen, Adam Zelle

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