BirthdaySeptember 23, 1952
BirthplaceRome, Italy

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  1. About Massimo Rinaldi

    Full name: Massimo Rinaldi
    Also known as: Massimo Rinaldi, Rinaldi, Massimo
    Professions: Actor, Camera Department

  2. Massimo Rinaldi Known for

    Madre Teresa (2003), Carabinieri (2002), Pope John Paul I: The Smile of God (2006), Paul VI: The Pope in the Tempest (2008)

  3. Massimo Rinaldi Death information

    Died: Saturday, 31st of May, 1941 (Age: 11)

  4. Massimo Rinaldi Biography

    Massimo Rinaldi was born on September 23, 1952 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He is known for his work on Madre Teresa (2003), Carabinieri (2002) and Pope John Paul I: The Smile of God (2006).

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