BirthdayMay 16, 1920

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  1. About Martine Carol

    Full name: Martine Carol
    Also known as: Martine Carol, Carol, Martine
    Professions: Actress

  2. Martine Carol Known for

    Lola Montès (1955), Around the World in Eighty Days (1956), Beauties of the Night (1952), The Battle of Austerlitz (1960)

  3. Martine Carol Death information

    Died: Monday, 6th of February, 1967 (Age: 46)

  4. Martine Carol Biography

    France's major sex siren of the early 50s, this lesser-remembered post-war French pastry pre-dated bombshell Brigitte Bardot by a few years but her brief reign did not compare and has not lived up to the Bardot era. The cult mystique is not there even after dying mysteriously and relatively young. Martine was born Marie-Louise Mourer on May 16, ...

  5. Martine Carol Family

    Spouse: Joseph Stephen Crane

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