BirthdayDecember 0, 1967

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  1. About Martin Melin

    Full name: Martin Melin
    Also known as: Martin Melin, Melin, Martin
    Professions: Swedish television personality

  2. Martin Melin Known for

    Winner of Expedition Robinson 1997

  3. Martin Melin Biography

    Martin Melin (born 6 March 1967) in Stockholm is a Swedish author, police officer and television personality and the world's first winner of the reality series Expedition Robinson (also known as Survivor) which Melin won in 1997. In the late 1990s Melin appeared on numerous shows such as På rymmen, Jakten på ökenguldet and Hon och han. Melin is since 2010 married to author Camilla Läckberg and the couple has one child together. Melin is the son of historian Jan Melin.Melin has also published a book called Coola pappor.

  4. Martin Melin Family

    Spouse: Camilla Läckberg

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