BirthdayAugust 5, 1899

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  1. About Mart Stam

    Full name: Mart Stam
    Also known as: Mart Stam, Stam, Mart
    Professions: Writer, Producer

  2. Mart Stam Death information

    Died: Friday, 21st of February, 1986 (Age: 86)

  3. Mart Stam Biography

    Mart Stam (August 5, 1899 – February 21, 1986) was a Dutch architect, urban planner, and furniture designer. Stam was extraordinarily well-connected, and his career intersects with important moments in the history of 20th-century European architecture, including chair design at the Bauhaus, the Weissenhof Estate, the "Van Nelle Factory", an important modernist landmark building in Rotterdam, buildings for Ernst May's New Frankfurt housing project then to Russia with the idealistic May Brigade, to postwar reconstruction in Germany.His style of design has been classified as New Objectivity, an art movement formed during the depression in 1920's Germany, as a counter-movement and an out growth of Expressionism.

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