BirthdayApril 29, 1933
BirthplaceLeuven, Belgium

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  1. About Mark Eyskens

    Full name: Mark Eyskens
    Also known as: Mark Eyskens, Eyskens, Mark
    Professions: Belgian politician
    Work: Minister of Economic Affairs

  2. Mark Eyskens Biography

    Marc Maria Frans, Viscount Eyskens (born 29 April 1933), known as Mark Eyskens [ˈmɑɾk ˈʔɛɪ̯s̪kən̪s̪] (13px ), is a Belgian economist and politician in the Christian People's Party (Belgium), now called Christian Democratic and Flemish, and briefly served as Prime Minister of Belgium in 1981.

  3. Mark Eyskens Family

    Spouse: Anne Rutsaert

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